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16 Augustus 2019 -

In de maanden juli en augustus is er bij de Waagh in Oldenzaal een ZOMERGALERIE ingericht. 14 kunstenaars mogen hun werk laten zien op de bovenverdieping van de kunstbenodigdheden winkel in de Waagstraat 4 in Oldenzaal.

Tot september zijn de prijzen van de schilderingen verlaagd! Kijk bij Schilderingen en te koop voor de laatste prijzen!

Vanaf 1 juli: Workshops en cursussen op aanvraag mogelijk. Kijk onder programma.

14 September DAGWORKSHOP Kennismaken met Sumi-e, het Japanse schilderen.

29 Oktober start de BASISCURSUS Dinsdagochtend, 5 lessen. 9.45-12 uur. Deze is VOL

29 Oktober VERVOLGLESSEN op dinsdagmiddag van 14-16 uur. Ook los te volgen!

Woensdag 30 Oktober: KINDERCURSUS , 5 LESSEN. Vanaf 10 jaar. 14.30-16.00

31 oktober start de BASISCURSUS Donderdagochtend, 5 lessen. 9.45-12 uur.

Kijk onder 'Programma' voor info en opgave.


Welcome to Atelier MeiMei-Art

I am Louise van Eenennaam and live in Oldenzaal, in the eastern part of the Netherlands. Since 2002 I paint in the Oriental Way, attracted by the peacefulness and meditative way of the Chinese and Japanese Art. I combine Chinese Brushpainting with the thoughts of Sumi-e, which is the Japanese way of painting.

Sumi-e means painting with black ink. It came from the mainland of China to Japan with Ch'an-Buddhist monks. Better known as ZenBuddism.

The style they used was known in China as the xie-yi style, this is: painting the essence of the object, combined with the Qi (live-energy) of the object and of the painter. In Japan, even fewer strokes were used. The white of the paper had a function. No colours were added, only black ink was used. But in the black ink you can see all the colours reflected.

If you look at my gallery, you will see that some of my paintings are in the Chinese way, some are Sumi-e and some are my interpretation of both.

This page is a summary of the rest of my Dutch website. If you are interested in more: under "literature" you will find also english books on the different subjects.

Since 2005 I give workshops and courses in what I call 'Oosters Penseelschilderen': Oriental Brushpainting.

In Chinese Art, the Plumblossom is the symbol for the winter. MeiMei means Beautiful Plumblossom in the Chinese language.

In Chinese Art, the Plumblossom is the symbol for the winter and hope. With the wild Orchid, Bambu and Chrysanthemum , they are called: the Four Noble Ones or the Four Friends/Gentlemen.

These subjects are essential to learn the Chinese way of painting, for they embody all the basic brushstrokes.

My teachers were: Titus de Jong from Wageningen. Miss Poon-Kuen Chow from Vancouver. Miss Mei Aoi Chow from the Hague, taught me the Chinese Calligraphy. The calligraphy on this website is from her hand. Mrs. Jane Evans from Cambridge, Great-Brittain. I attended a weekworkshop with her in Dedham House. Her book is my favourite.

In june 2010 I was in Montreal, Canada and attended a class of mr. Liankiu Zhang.

In 2006 I visited Beijing, In 2010 I was in Taiwan and Japan. In 2014 I attended art classes in Hangzhou. All trips inspired me to continue in this beautiful artwork.

I am a member of the CBPS= the Chinese Brush Painters Society in the UK.

Hope you enjoy my gallery and if you would like to get in touch: my e-mail is:

Love Louise